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In the early months, The development of an online platform to support the ICM MEAP process. Based on an analysis of the platform requirements including business adolfo bioy casares biografia yahoo dating modelling and a market review, Moodle was chosen as the system for the MEAP platform.

The system allows institutions applying for accreditation, ICM and those working on the accreditation gamer dating site builder software to exchange information and documentation, as well as archiving of documents. Accreditation granted with conditions. Institutions that meet nearly all the basic criteria but need minor improvements to meet basic criteria are granted conditional accreditation, under which the required improvements must be made within set time frames.

Once the required improvements are made, and written evidence is submitted and accepted, the programme is accredited for a period of three years, at the end of which another assessment will take place. Stelmach describes the tensions inherent in the Training of an international panel of midwifery experts to carry out the accreditation assessments.

Currently, this consists of 8 people, who were nominated by ICM. The training took place gamer dating site builder software a two day period at the ICM offices in the Netherlands, followed by participation in the pilot test see below for further practical experience.

Each expert was given access to the MEAP Criteria Assessment Handbook, which sets out the assessment criteria and includes guidelines for gamer dating site builder software experts, reference links to key documents, recommended assessment methods, as well as a list of documents recommended for review.

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